Useful Feminization, Cuckold, & Male Chasitity Links


Male Chastity Devices

Useful for attempting to control ejaculation of the feminized, or cuckolded male. Though any male that is cuckolded really should be feminized anyway. These devices can also increase their libido from the constant weight and pressure. Can be found at a very low cost on Amazon.

Stainless Steel Cock Cage - Very small.

Pink Silicone Cock Cage

Pretty in pink. Feminized males and cuckolds tend to stick to the inside of them though. Again, can be found at a very low cost on Amazon.

Body Hair Removal


The ultimate long term tool for body hair control and minimalization on feminized males.

Face Shaver

For the ultimately smooth face prior to feminizing makeup, use this razor and shaving cream.


Careful not to burn the skin. Besides being able to remove hair, this can be used to make the skin feel slicker during a shower with just a quick application and rinse.

Hair Removal Wax

Painful when first used on sensitve areas.


Orange concealer example for beard shadow coverage to be used after a very close shave before foundation.

Superstay Foundation that won't wipe off so easily on clothing. When feminized males dress up and do multiple outift changes, this can be very useful.


An essential for proper feminization of a male if they don't have sufficiently feminine hair.

Paula Young - Low cost, good quality - pick blended or rooted colors and hair that can touch the sides of the face for the most natural looking feminization.

The Wig Company - low cost and good quality. This image has good side hair and multiple tones. Look for that to feminize as opposed to loose hanging, long styles. Again go for multiple highlights or rooted colors rather than plain single color wigs.

Breasts and Cleavage

Adhesive backed silicone gel for feel, fullness and cleavage. A must have investment for any male's feminization at this low a cost. These used to be $300 years ago and now are $50-$100 and last a long time. The feminized male will love these and probably end up with multiple sizes for different outfits.

Shoes, and Hosiery

Pleaser Shoes - Avaialble on Ebay or elsewhere. This is the "Domina" with a 6" heel. The link will give a search of Pleaser heels, not neccessarily this listing, which may have ended. This particualr shoe is available in black and white and is highly recommended for the ultimate feminization and walk.


Stocking Showcase is the ultimate website for European hosiery that is sheerer and silkier than any available in the USA. Here is a favorite of feminized men in 10 Denier.

Clothing and Jewelry

These are Ebay links - Create a user name and set up searches to deliver what you like to your email daily. A must have for any feminized male. Totally discreet package delivery.

Nails and Gloves

More Ebay links!

Presentation and the Feminized Persona


A good article on how to practice a feminine voice for male to female transgender folks ( or any feminized male)


A good description of how to have a feminine walk.

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